Android WVGA Support

I came across this interesting discussion yesterday regarding WVGA supporting coming in the Donut (1.6) version of Android OS. It looks like there will be a lot of work cut out for developers because we’ll need to support Cupcake (1.5) which is standardized on HVGA, and Donut which will now start supporting not only various resolutions, but also various screen densities. As developers, we’ll need to consider our layouts on various screens to make sure the look their best. Thankfully, there will be some built-in support for scaling layouts and images to ease the transition.

There is a blog post being written on the topic of different screen sizes, and we have gone through round after round of work on the underlying model of the platform and how to best explain the way this works, which is reflected in the doc.

As a side note, Al Sutton of has prepared a build of the 1.6 SDK and eclipse plugin to help test out the features coming in the next revision. We’ll need all the head start we can get to implement these new features. I’ve played around with this a bit, and like some of the new features coming to the eclipse plugin. I’ll write more about these later.

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