‘lateinit’ modifier is not allowed on properties of a type with nullable

While developing an abstract & generic base class where the generic parameter defines the type of an abstract field. The field would be initialized by the inherited classes, and so I applied the ‘lateinit’ modifier to it. This cause an interesting error:’lateinit’ modifier is not allowed on properties of a type with nullable

Back on track

Flickr photo by _fLeMmA_ It has been a long couple of months from before Thanksgiving straight through Christmas and New Years and I was very busy during those times. I didn’t get a whole lot done on anything Android related, including working much on my first app to be published to the Android Market, titled […]

Presenting tomorrow at BarCamp DC 3

I’m really excited about attending the third local BarCamp in DC tomorrow! Yep, we’re already on our third one here locally (not to mention all the others happening in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area). I’m planning on co-presenting on Android development with Zvi Band. I’ll be showing a simple graphical app with animation and touch screen […]

Android WVGA Support

I came across this interesting discussion yesterday regarding WVGA supporting coming in the Donut (1.6) version of Android OS. It looks like there will be a lot of work cut out for developers because we’ll need to support Cupcake (1.5) which is standardized on HVGA, and Donut which will now start supporting not only various […]