An introduction to the Android platform

Here are the slides for my introductory presentation on the Android platform and some useful links to Android related sites.

Introduction to Android

This presentation is a quick introduction to the basic knowledge needed to start developing for the Android mobile platform. This general overview shows the system architecture, SDK and tools, along with some basic need-to-know classes like Activities, Intents, Views, Layouts, Services and ContentProviders.


Sample Code & Graphics

  • apps-for-android is a set of 10 simple projects from the Android team.

  • shelves is a larger application from a Google developer with examples of custom lists and animations.

  • astrid is a full-featured todo list application that has been published to the Android market.

  • Android GUI PSD is a Photoshop file for mocking up Android GUIs.

  • Android Snippets – code snippets for common actions

  • Web view of Android framework source




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