DrupalCon DC 2009

It was my first time attending DrupalCon, and what a difference from your typical corporate fare. The positive energy is quite palbable, I’m guessing since many are giving away their time and knowledge to advance this great platform, Drupal. Attendees were quite friendly, and I met several people, including some lunchmates through Twitter.

BarCamp DC 2

[Photo by Ed Welker] The second BarCamp DC was this past Saturday, and after waiting nervously once again on the waiting list, I got an email from Peter Corbett that I’m in. First of all, Thanks to the organizers Justin, Peter and especially CDIA for providing such a perfect space for this event (for free at […]

Website is now live

I always wanted to set up a website for myself, and had many choices for how to do it. Initially I was looking at WordPress, which is generally a great choice for quickly setting up a blog. At some point I had heard about Drupal (back on version 4.7 or so) and found it to […]