Adventures in mobile development

It’s about time I started writing again, so I’ll fill you in what I’ve been working on in my spare time over the last couple of months. Back in the day when I started iconoclast software, I developed several games for a touchscreen platform that was at the time found in airports, bars, etc. Ever since those were published, I’ve been dreaming of porting them to a mobile platform. Continue reading “Adventures in mobile development”

Resolving conflict between Google Desktop and Launchy

I use Launchy, a great program launcher for Windows and Linux, that indexes your Start menu, icons on the desktop and lets you quickly and easily launch them. It’s also smart about letting you type the least amount, and learns as you repeat the same shortcut over and over. I mapped the shortcut key to Windows+Space which is the most convenient for me. Continue reading “Resolving conflict between Google Desktop and Launchy”

BarCamp DC 2

BarcampDC 2

BarcampDC 2

[Photo by Ed Welker]

The second BarCamp DC was this past Saturday, and after waiting nervously once again on the waiting list, I got an email from Peter Corbett that I’m in. First of all, Thanks to the organizers Justin, Peter and especially CDIA for providing such a perfect space for this event (for free at that). My first session of the day was with Adam Boalt about startups surviving in this lousy economy. He talked about how he started up and all the effort he put into making the site usable and findable, optimizing CPA. What really blew me away was that he made $30,000 on his first day (after having done all the testing and optimization). Overall, was a very inspiring talk, certainly opened my mind to keep my eye open for a wider range of opportunities.

Continue reading “BarCamp DC 2”

Website is now live

I always wanted to set up a website for myself, and had many choices for how to do it. Initially I was looking at WordPress, which is generally a great choice for quickly setting up a blog. At some point I had heard about Drupal (back on version 4.7 or so) and found it to be really interesting. I’ve spent the last couple years following its progress (Now on version 6, with version 7 in development) and have been spending some time getting to know it better. I joined the (now defunct) Gnomepal group earlier this year to pitch in and learn even more. So now I’ve set up my personal website,, along with a separate wiki,, which is for gathering information about Sony Vegas (a great video editing app) into one place. I’ll be writing another post about how I set up the personal blog and the wiki sites to share the “recipes.”